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As Co-Chairs for the Hampton Roads Realtors® Association's Common Interest Community Forum, my colleague and I write a monthly column in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.  "Condo Conversations" is featured the last Saturday of every month, in the Home & Garden Section.  We'll dive into various topics relating to condo living, providing tips, information, and insight.  As condo owners and board members, we are your condo specialists!  We hope you enjoy! 


As featured in the Virginian-Pilot

The Dreaded Special Assessment

Special assessments can be scary creatures, and anyone who lives in a condo community dreads receiving one. Let’s take a little bit to explore what special assessments are, why they happen, why they are sometimes necessary and how we can try to avoid them.

Is it time to "condo-size" your living arrangement?

Single-family detached homes almost always come with upkeep, including cutting the grass, caring for a pool, exterior maintenance and shoveling snow. If you are ready to make a change in lifestyle, many options are available. Could it be time for you to "condo-size" your life?

Don’t confuse "low-maintenance living" with "no-maintenance" living

While owning a condo may involve less maintenance than owning a single-family detached home on a half-acre lot, you're not off the hook when it comes to regular maintenance.